Private Companies and Language Services

Many private Canadian firms offer languages services that encompass a variety of activities connected with language teaching and training, the manufacture and sale of educational equipment such as audio-visual devices and computer-assisted teaching aides, language interpretation and translation, as well as a host of language technologies such as speech processing, voice recognition and synthesis, terminology and automated generation of technical documentation. All this is what is meant by the "language industries." There are three basic types of product: production tools (software for text processing, spelling correction, electronic publishing, automatic text generation, etc.), support tools (interpretation, machine translation, text databases, voice-controlled devices, teaching software, etc.), and development tools (language research, communication networks, linguistic databases, etc.).

The added-value chain of the language industries can be visualized as follows:

The companies listed in this page are all Canadian or foreign with a Canadian headquarters. While the list cannot be exhaustive, it gives a good idea of the dynamic character of private firms active in the language industries. The majority of the firms listed are based in Ontario or Quebec, but a few hail from western Canada or the Atlantic Provinces.

List of Canadian Enterprises

Aladin (RALI/Terminotix)

Aladin is an alignment tool for translators, which automatically calculates the links between corresponding segments of two texts that are mutual translations. It also allows the translator to verify and correct these correspondences, and to export the results to a translation memory.

AmikaNow! Corporation

AmikaNow! is a pioneer in real-time communications. The company develops content analysis and processing tools. Its technology is based on patented statistical and linguistic algorithms in a content-analysis platform that combine advances in information theory and artificial intelligence. The AmikaFreedom plug-in for Outlook automatically analyzes the content of electronic messages (emails and attachments) for filtering, summarization, categorization and searching.

Language Industry Association (AILIA)

The Language Industry Association Act wants to make Canada a world leader in the language industry. It aims to reach that goal by promoting the interests of the language industry and acting as a common base for action for all participants in the industry.

Babel Fish Corporation

The Babel Fish Corporation provides expert translation, localization, globalization, language training and other multilingual services, including the proprietary BabelFish Technology Platform (Babel-TRACK™).


BCE Elix specializes in advanced contact centre solutions, enabling users to manage customer interactions by offering clients a wide selection of self-service and agent-assisted options. These solutions feature state-of-the-art technologies such as Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS), Internet (Web, chat, email).

Bell Mobility

Bell Mobility, a division of Bell Canada, provides a complete range of innovative wireless communications solutions: PCS and cellular, web browsing, data transmission, two-way messaging, paging, and airline passenger communications services. Bell Canada provides connectivity to residential and business customers through wired and wireless voice and data communications, high speed and wireless Internet access, IP-broadband services, e-business solutions and local and long distance phone services.

Berlitz Canada

Berlitz has become synonymous with language learning, largely because of its worldwide presence, its proven teaching methods, and the vast array of products and services that it makes available to one and all. These assets have made Berlitz a formidable presence on the language market. Berlitz offers courses to individuals and enterprises not only in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, but also in other languages such as Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish, Romanian, Russian, Greek, Hindi, Hebrew, Vietnamese, etc.

Language Technology Research Centre (LTRC)

The LTRC strives to develop tools for productivity improvement in the areas of translation, the creation of multilingual and multicultural content and language training, and also develop content management and semantic search tools for the processing of multiple languages.


CGI has worked with clients in a wide range of industries to help them leverage the strengths of IT to optimize their business performance and produce value-driven results. CGI provides implementation services covering the full scope of today's enterprise IT environment, integrating different technologies to develop IT systems that respond to clients' strategic needs. In addition to expertise in working with leading technologies and software applications, CGI provides custom application development services that leverage its ISO and CMM certified methodologies.


ComputerTalk has been designing advanced contact centre applications since 1987. One of its products, ice³, unifies multi-channel communication, allowing contact centres to focus on customer care without worrying about technology distinctions and product integration. Embedded functions in ice³, such as self-service, Web chat interactions, and conversation recording can be activated when they are needed. Embedded functions in ice³ include voice driven services, conversation recording, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), text to speech, email management, etc.

Chamblon Systems

Chamblon Systems develops natural language processing tools for English and French. Its product TerminologyExtractor can extract lists of words and collocations from texts in frequency or alphabetical order. The system supports MS Word, HTML and RTF. Although term extraction is nothing new, its application to translation is generating renewed interest among researchers and designers of translation support software.

Centre international pour le développement de l'inforoute en français (CIDIF)

CIDIF is a non-profit organization based in New Brunswick. Its mission is to provide a technology watch of cyberspace and to promote knowledge of related developments through the ongoing production and distribution of strategic information. Through its "Métarépertoire," it offers a wide variety of resources to help Francophones navigate the Internet in French.

Cogilex R&D

Cogilex is an expert provider of customized Natural Language Processing (NLP). The company can provide consulting, design, development or quality-control expertise for any writing project.


Copernic specializes in designing software solutions that enable users to access, find and manage information. Copernic Agent is an Internet search tool with advanced management features for filtering, summarizing and grouping results, etc. Copernic Summarizer can process texts of all kinds written in English, French, German or Spanish and produce a summary of a given length. It can summarize Word documents, Web pages, PDF files, e-mail messages and even text from the clipboard.


Corel Corporation is the producer of WordPerfect (English and French), an office suite that combines word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations and address book applications. WP is compatible with popular file formats such as Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML and XML.


An English correction tool for Francophones, CorText was created jointly by Documens, a Quebec-based correction software specialist, and Larousse, a French dictionaries specialist. Designed for French-speaking writers who can write in English, CorText is more than a translation software: it corrects written errors and explains them (the correction and explanation are tailored to users whose mother tongue is not English). It is a writing tool that integrates three bilingual dictionaries produced by Larousse, and a powerful English text correction tool.

Delphes Technologies International

Delphes Technologies develops intelligent tools for extracting and managing information and offers integrated information systems. For example, the information extraction module in the DioMillennium integrated system allows a user to navigate efficiently through the relevant extracts, to extract meaning via indexing, and to obtain detailed reports on compiled search statistics that can be made available remotely through a web interface. The intranet portal provides semantic search capabilities that can distinguish heads, names, subjects, verbs and complements in order to extract a query's meaning and related concepts. The system can convert numbers to letters, recognize concepts such as proper nouns, compound words, acronyms, symbols and common abbreviations, distinguish special expressions or locutions, correct spelling, recognize grammatical errors, and differentiate bilingual documents or bilingual expressions within the same document. Available languages are English, French, Spanish and German.


Didascom offers interactive computerized tools for improving written French skills. Among them are: Epigram, a diagnostic test lasting 40 to 60 minutes that assesses written French abilities (agreement, conjugations, choice of auxiliary, choice of mode, structure or relative clauses, etc.); and Communication écrite : une grammaire fondamentale et textuelle, software that acts as a grammar manual, starting from common examples and ending with rules. it is complemented by a comprehensive exercise book covering most aspects of written communication.

Documens (in French, English and Spanish)

Documens is a Montreal-based company specializing in the production and management of on-line multilingual documents and content. Documens' products and technologies are geared towards organizations looking to improve productivity by automating production and managing their content, and broaden outreach by making the information available online in several languages at once. Documens' software products include desktop publishing, auto-correction and dictionaries, and it has proven expertise in language management, translation, adaptation and localization. The aim is to give client enterprises a presence that spans linguistic, cultural and national borders. Documens is the producer of the electronic version of the French dictionary Petit Robert, the bilingual dictionaries Collins and Harrap's Shorter, as well as Correcteur bilingue and Correcteur 101.

Druide Informatique

Druide Informatique is a Quebec company that specializes in producing and distributing software for the general public. Druide offers several software products to the Canadian French market, including Antidote (spell checker, dictionary, thesaurus and grammar checker), the Nouveau Dictionnaire Visuel (digital version, with 6000 illustrations and 64,000 words in French and English), as well as Talk to Me and Tell me More, two collections that have made their publisher, Auralog, a leader in second-language teaching software. The Nouveau Dictionnaire Visuel responds to a variety of needs: writing, promotion, journalism, language teaching, education support, and reference.

EDIT inc. (in French and English)

Edit Inc. is a Quebec publishing and distribution company that specializes exclusively in the language industries. Its products are aimed, first, at the general public, including spell and grammar checkers (Le Détecteur, Correcteur grammatical, Le Conjugueur), second, at the education market, including education software (Gram R Junior, Le Rédacteur), and third, at the translation sector with computer-assisted terminology and translation software. Its Editerm product helps manage and exploit terminological data and offers term identification, translation assistance, and terminology distribution.

Find (Beetext)

Beetext is the creator of Find, a synchronized full-text search tool (bilingual concordancer). Find displays search results simultaneously so that you can quickly find the key words you want in your archives and display them in context. Find searches documents in Word, Excel, PDF, HTML and text format.

Flow (Beetext)

Quebec-based Beetext has developed Flow, a translation and document management system (middleware). Flow makes the management of each level of a translation service easier, from customer accounts to service providers, including project management, production and billing.


Infograffiti is a Montreal-based firm specializing in the development of translation software. It offers products to create personalized dictionaries for specific fields of interest.

Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)

The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) is a not-for-profit organization initiated by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. CanLII's goal is to make primary sources of Canadian law accessible for free on the Internet. CanLII seeks to gather legislative and judicial texts, as well as legal commentaries, from federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions on a single Web site. Visitors can retrieve online all laws enacted in Canada by the federal, provincial and territorial governments in English and in French. An invaluable resource!

Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS)

The Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS) is a federally funded Network of Centres of Excellence that brings together top Canadian researchers who collaborate on projects that focus on the essential elements of an intelligent system -- the ability to perceive, reason and act. IRIS is, by far, the largest, the most complex and the most productive of the twenty currently funded Networks of Centres of Excellence.


IXIASOFT is a Montreal-based company founded in 1998. Its flagship product, TEXTML Server, is a native XML database and search engine developed to store, index, and retrieve XML documents. TEXTML Server allows users to optimize the management of large volumes of documents such as technical documentation, reports, etc. This product is aimed at developers of document-centric applications needing to add a native XML repository. Through its set of APIs which cover all server-based functionalities, TEXTML Server provides an OEM component for a content management application, which is easy to implement and seamlessly integrate with existing systems. TEXTML Server delivers the ability to search metadata and the full text of documents by allowing users to query the server using multiple indexes simultaneously.

Lingua Technologies

Lingua des Technologies Inc., specialists in language engineering, have developed a series of computer-assisted translation products. Extractum is a "text mining" tool that analyzes a text by automatically detecting the underlying concepts. Its applications (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese) include: automatic survey processing, focus group discussion analysis, interview analysis, resume filtering, email analysis and automatic answering, and text summarizing.


Terminotix Inc. is a company specializing in computer tools for translation. Through the software packages it markets and the services it offers, Terminotix Inc. seeks to help the language professionals equip themselves with modern, effective tools and work practices. Terminotix Inc. is also well know for its LogiTerm tool.

Mite Networks Corporation

Ottawa-based Mite Networks Corporation focuses its efforts on Internet Protocol (IP) and the benefits it enables through the convergence of voice, video and data over a single broadband network. Through intuitive desktop appliances and applications, businesses are provided with innovative ways to manage information and resources.

MultiTrans Prism (MultiCorpora)

MultiTrans Prism by MultiCorpora is a translation support and language management system that integrates a series of capabilities that provide productivity and quality gains to all participants across the multilingual information-management value chain. Target customers: writers, translators, terminologists, editors, reviewers and content consumers.

NAS Software Inc. 

NAS Software offers a wide variety of programs to assist language learning. Its products cover reading, writing, listening, conversation, grammar and vocabulary. The languages offered include English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.

NoBabel (KCSL)

NoBabel can supply translators with completed, high quality draft translations, which generally only need minor revisions. The savings in time and effort, and by extension cost, are typically about 50%.

Nomino Technologies

Nomino Technologies delivers products designed to improve online communication and semantic layers help to create a link between human thinking and software. This is why the Nomino suite contains four powerful, flexible applications that quickly carry out corporative and institutional objectives in the area of customer service. Nomino Assistant, Nomino Answer, Nomino Mail and Nomino Search are all based on the technology of analyzing textual content in several languages, providing complex diagnoses, and giving extremely precise answers to questions formulated in natural language.

Nortel Networks

Nortel Networks is a leader in communications technology. Nortel currently offers network and communications equipment and associated services to clients in more than 150 countries, including major telecommunications firms, new network operators, and leading wireless suppliers and service providers. The company has about 17,400 engineers, developers, scientists and other R&D specialist working in 31 locations across the world. For over 100 years Northern Electric -- Northern Telecom -- and now Nortel Networks has led innovation in Canada meeting the needs of a growing nation and making our country a world leader in communications technology.


Nstein Technologies (TSX-V: EIN), a software development company, provides a Global Intelligent Information Management (GIIM) platform for large corporations and organizations. This flexible platform assimilates, organizes, analyses (text mining), shares and disseminates all information arising from structured and unstructured multilingual data sources and essential to operational and decision-making processes. Nstein solutions are particularly suited to e-publishing, finance, legal, government and homeland security markets.

Nü Echo

Nü Echo provides expert advice, services, and solutions that allow organizations to efficiently deploy speech-enabled applications. It provides a full range of professional services related to speech technologies and dialog design, from strategic or technical advice to turnkey development projects. Nü Echo has been deploying multilingual speech applications, including deployments in several variants of English, French, Spanish, and German in countries such as Canada, the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, the UK, and Germany.


Omnicom provides professional translation, interpretation and typesetting services in over 100 languages, specializing in legal, software, engineering, psychology and financial services. It also provides a language school.


A leader in providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, Open Text is a large corporation based in Waterloo, Ontario. It supports fifteen million users across 10,000 deployments in 31 countries and 12 languages worldwide. The company has been selling LiveLink since 1995. This system helps enterprises to share information and to improve quality, innovation and processes. LiveLink fosters efficiency and innovation within enterprises by encouraging collaboration and content-sharing among people, teams and organizations. The technology collects and archives all existing subscriber documents (accounts statements, veteran cards, various emails, etc.) as well as new documents, then digitizes and organizes them according to a sophisticated classification scheme. The company recently introduced Livelink Wireless, which expands the technology to offer corporate collaboration and information exchange to web-enabled cell phones and digital assistants (PDAs). Open Text Corporation has become a world leader in electronic commerce.


Palomino System Innovations Inc. is a company created to offer Web content management, information management and publishing technology and services. Its vision is to establish a new standard for Web maintenance for small businesses. The long-term vision is to introduce its product, WebPal, as an enabling platform for automated B2B interaction and information interchange.


Pronexus has been a leader in telephony applications since 1994, thanks to its award-winning application development environment. With a product line based on one the most advanced technologies on the market today, Pronexus can provide everything needed to build a complete communications solution. In addition to its VBVoice software, Pronexus also provides professional consulting services to develop tailor-made solutions for mission-critical applications.

Rep Solution Interactive

Repsolution was founded by business professionals with experience in marketing, management, and the computerization of business processes. To turn the Web into an efficient tool and realize its full potential, Repsolution offers email-based solutions aimed at enhancing interactions between individuals and managing the results. This Quebec enterprise's expertise in email allows it to offer exclusive solutions based on its product Openfield.

RES inc.

RES inc. has focused on web software solutions since 1994. This Ontario-based company delivers Web and WAP enhancing products, such as LookWAYup, both a dictionary and a search tool embedded right into web pages, and LinkS-WAP, a banner placement service for WAP (wireless application protocol) sites.

ScanSoft Canada

ScanSoft is a leading producer of digital imaging software and voice-recognition and voice-synthesis solutions. By applying these technologies to common business processes, companies see improvements in time, productivity and customer satisfaction. Among the company's best-sellers are Scansoft PDF Create for converting PDF documents into Word files, and Scansoft Omnipage Pro for optical character recognition.


MediaAnalyst from SonicBoomerang monitors, analyses and assesses media points of view and opinions as expressed in newspapers and magazines, television, radio, the Internet and message boards. SonicBoomerang's intelligent technology automates the process of documentary research, using natural-language processing and computational linguistics techniques to read, filter and interpret message content. According to IBM, this type of software fulfills a real business need: digitizing, integrating and managing information with the goal of facilitating decision-making and reducing bottom-line costs.

SynchroTerm (BridgeTerm)

SynchroTerm is a terminology extraction tool allowing users to extract and create terminology records using translated document pairs, which are commonly known as bi texts. SynchroTerm has a user-friendly interface, with extraction, automatic alignment, search, context verification and full-text functions.

Télé-université du Québec

Télé-université is an institution of higher learning that was accredited by the Quebec Department of Education in 1992. Its focus is university teaching and research, and its mandate is carried out through distance education. Students do not attend the school physically; instead, they study with the help of supplied teaching and training material at home, at work or anywhere else they wish, while remaining in regular contact with their instructor, the institution staff and their fellow students. In addition to teaching activities and technologies focused on training and distance education environments, the school hosts research in linguistics, IT, communication, environmental science, economics and management.

Trampolino (BridgeTerm)

BridgeTerm developed the system Trampolino, which is both a controlled-language content-development system and a translation system for English texts. The aim is to achieve unambiguous understanding of the source text, so that translation becomes a subproduct of the creation and writing process.

TransCheck (RALI)

TransCheck is a tool that can assist a human reviser by detecting certain types of translation errors and by helping enforce bilingual standards across a large translation service. It is a bilingual system intended to relieve revisers of the more mindless and mechanical aspects of their work.

TransSearch (RALI/Terminotix)

TransSearch is a database of past translations: it gives users access to millions of sentences that have been translated between English and French. It is also a bilingual concordancer, allowing users to search and retrieve the translation of a submitted word or expression. TransSearch is a tool for professional writers and translators.

TransTalk (RALI/CRIM)

TransTalk is a voice-controlled digital assistant. A translator can dictate his translation of a text for subsequent transcription by the device. An application of speech-recognition technology, its uniqueness lies in the fact the source text of the dictation is known. Logically, the combination of a speech-recognition engine with a translation engine can help improve the performance of any appropriate application.


Quebec-based VisuAide is an innovator in high-tech solutions for the blind and visually impaired. The company is devoted to facilitating the active and independent participation in society of persons who are blind or have visual impairments. VisuAide offers products like Victor Reader, a player for digital talking books that are available worldwide in several languages. Trekker is a totally portable GPS system compatible with several platforms, including Braille notebooks, standalone desktops and pocket PCs. The company offers a wide range of products, from synthesizers to facilitate reading and braille printer to monitors that display text in oversize type. Such application are designed to facilitate the access of disabled and visually impaired people not only to printed documents but also to information displayed on computer monitors. VisuAide has adapted for Francophones the world over a variety of software titles that previously were available for Anglophones only. An interesting fact: more than 15% of VisuAide's employees are visually impaired, which helps the company remain attuned to client needs while benefiting from top-quality employees.


VoiceGate constructs and sells complete custom solutions providing voice mail, automatic attendant and interactive voice response services. These systems, sold under the name VIP4000, rely on state-of-the-art technologies. The product is designed especially for terminal system vendors and wholesale distributors with software analysis for small and medium-sized installations.


Founded in 1976, Voxco started providing data processing and analysis services to Canada's market research industry. In the '80s, the company was one of the first to market PC-based software for collecting and processing survey data. Voxco combines software and computer telephony (CTI) for the market research and contact centre industries.