National Organizations Working on Behalf of Official-Language Communities

Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada (in French only)

Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada (ARC du Canada) was created in 1991. It is a national organization which manages community broadcasting in French and Acadian minority environments in Canada.

Association canadienne des professeurs d’immersion (ACPI) (in French only)

Recognized as an authority in the field of French immersion in Canada, ACPI is a professional organization of immersion educators from across Canada. In conjunction with several partners, ACPI guides immersion pedagogy by providing rigorous support and many professional training opportunities, and by inspiring French educational dialogue. By stimulating research and innovation, ACPI is recognized for its numerous accomplishments and its culture of excellence that promotes the expansion of French immersion.

Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française (ACELF) (in French only)

ACELF was created in 1947 as a pan-Canadian organization whose range of partner-oriented activities and events help French-language culture and education expand and thrive for the benefit of Canada's Francophone communities. ACELF's Web site serves up an array of details on the organization's activities, services and general operation

Association canadienne des professeurs de langue seconde (CASLT)

CASLT promotes the advancement of second language learning and teaching throughout Canada by creating opportunities for professional development, by encouraging research, and by facilitating the sharing of information and the exchange of ideas among second language educators. The CASLT mission fosters and advances professional excellence in the teaching of second languages in Canada.

Association canadienne-française pour l'avancement des sciences (ACFAS) (in French only)

ACFAS is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to advance the cause of science and technology. Thus, ACFAS is geared both to researchers and to individuals and groups interested in scientific and technological pursuits. The ACFAS Web site describes the organization's set-up, as well as its activities and publications.

Association de la presse francophone (APF)

The APF has three broad goals: 1) help sustain the most extensive and most vigorous network possible of French-language community newspapers outside of Quebec; 2) help strengthen and improve the French language outside Quebec; and 3) staunchly defend freedom of expression and freedom of the written press. The APF's Web site contains information on its operation and services, as well as well-designed link pages.

Association des médecins de langue française du Canada (AMLFC) (in French only)

Founded in 1902 , the Association des médecins de langue française du Canada is the dean of North America's Francophone medical associations. Its principal objective is to disseminate and promote the work of the Francophone medical community. The organization's Web site highlights its activities, its publications and its services.

Association des théâtres francophones du Canada (ATFC) (in French only)

The first mandate of the ATFC is to create an inclusive common front striving to protect the interests and ensure the development and promotion of professional French theatres working in Canadian regions where Francophones are a minority. Its second mandate is to promote the role and importance of regional theatre in the national cultural life.

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)

AUCC is a non-governmental, non-profit association representing Canadian universities. Its website offers news items from the college and university community, the electronic version of the University Affairs magazine, a directory of Canadian universities and information on scholarship and exchange programs.

Canadian Parents for French

Canadian Parents for French is national network of volunteers which values French as an integral part of Canada and which is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French-second-language learning opportunities for young Canadians.

Commission nationale des parents francophones (CNPF) (in French only)

The CNPF is the coalition of provincial and territorial organizations of French-speaking parents in each province and territory of Canada where Francophones are in a minority situation.

Réseau pour le développement de l’alphabétisme et des compétences (RESDAC) (in French only)

Le Réseau pour le développement de l'alphabétisme et des compétences (RESDAC) is a countrywide organization representing francophone groups and associations dedicated to French literacy in Canada. Over the years, the RESDAC has endeavoured to interest as many groups as possible on the topic of literacy and the importance of reading and writing in French.

Fédération culturelle canadienne-française (FCCF) (in French only)

The FCCF works to sustain the cultural and artistic advancement of Canada's minority Francophone communities. Its Web site contains information on its structure, services, publications and accomplishments.

Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne-française (FJCF) (in French only)

This association's Web site is loaded with facts, figures and other information geared to younger audiences (including programs of studies in French, scholarship programs and employment-creation programs for youth). A fabulous resource for young people and for anyone working with them.

Fédération des associations de juristes d’expression française du common law (FAJEF) (in French only)

The Fédération des associations de juristes d'expression française du common law inc. (FAJEF) is the coalition of regional, provincial and territorial associations of French-speaking legal experts committed to promoting and defending access to justice in French in the common law provinces and territories across Canada.

Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne du Canada (FCFA) (in French only)

The FCFA's mission is to serve as an active, involved and inclusive voice for Canada's Francophone and Acadian communities at the national level. Our organization is committed to promoting linguistic duality, supporting the ability of Canadians everywhere to live in French, and fostering the full participation of French-speaking citizens to Canada's development.

French for the Future

French for the Future promotes Canada’s official bilingualism and the immediate and lifelong benefits of learning and communicating in French to students from grades 7 to 12 across Canada. French for the Future envisions a Canada in which all young people value our French heritage, appreciate francophone cultures and endeavour to excel in the French language.

Réseau d'affaires de la francophonie sur Internet (RAFI) (in French only)

RAFI supports entrepreneurs in their efforts to conduct business within the Francophone community; to this end, it strengthens ties and eases trade among countries and governments that belong to the world's Francophonie. The organization's Web site provides information on businesses searching for partnerships and on the world's Francophone markets. It also has a full section on the inter-Canadian network.

Réseau d’enseignement francophone à distance du Canada (REFAD) (in French only)

REFAD provides information, professional development, visibility and networking to its membership across Canada. Members include schools, colleges, CEGEPs, universities, associations, government departments, businesses, and TV channels working or interested in distance education.