National Websites Regarding Aboriginal Peoples

Government Resources

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)


Library and Archives Canada

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Canada Council for the Arts

Industry Canada (IC)

Canadian Heritage

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation (CMCS)

Statistics Canada (SC)

Non-Government Resources

Virtual Circle

  • Aboriginal Community
    On this Virtual Circle site, you'll find columns and articles on First Nations issues, discussion forums, a link-rich index and a golden book (distinguished visitors register). Not all links are kept up to date, however.

University of Calgary

  • Aboriginal languages of Canada
    A very good site for learning more about Canada's "Native" or "Aboriginal" languages; includes maps and statistics on the number of speakers.

A Teacher's Resource Guide– Curriculum Services Canada

  • Aboriginal Literatures in Canada –  (PDF)
    Describes services and programs of studies related to Aboriginal literatures in Canada. Includes commentaries, annotated bibliographies, suggested readings, as well as lists and ideas for teachers.


  • Aboriginal School Books – First Language Children's Literature
    Nortext specializes in Aboriginal children's books. Over the last two decades this company developed fonts and programs to publish in about 40 Aboriginal languages, in both syllabic and Roman orthographies (or alphabets). The books Nortext helps publish are almost always in first languages containing stories and illustrations created in the communities by Aboriginal authors and illustrators.

Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

  • Algonquin Dialogues Animated – Learning Algonquin
    The Kitigan Zibi Education Council's Community Web Site (Quebec's Maniwaki region) offers many links to information about the local settings, business resources, education system, heritage, etc. "Kitigan Zibi" mean "Garden River" in the Algonquin language.

Natives Languages of the Americas

  • Amerindian Language Families (in English and French)
    One of the best sites for information on North-American Native languages and families. "Native Languages of the Americas" is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting American Indian languages, especially through the use of Internet technology.

Canadian Off-Reserve Indian Nations Inc.

  • Articles on language and assimilation
    Presents articles and other items on the history of Canada First Nations, including a series of facts that don't always concur with the teachings of our Official History. The effects of European colonization on First Nations people haven't always been positive.

The East Cree language web (in English and French)

  • History, grammar, dictionaries, lessons, etc.
    On this site, you can download stories, fables and tales (in the Cree language) and glean information on grammar and dictionaries. The site has more information in English than it does in French.

Museum of Civilizations (in English and French)

Canada's SchoolNet (in English and French)

  • The House of Canada in the language of Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
    "First Nations on SchoolNet" uses a regional and community approach to help First Nations schools connect to the Internet. Specifically, SchoolNet encourages these schools to incorporate communication and information technologies into their academic setting as a way to design personalized tools and content that reflect both their culture and their values.

Ethnologue (Texas)

  • Languages of Canada
    This well-established and highly regarded site contains detailed information on all of the world's countries and languages. The section on Canada lists and describes all of the country's First Nations languages.

The Canadian Encyclopedia – Historica (in English and French)

  • Native People's Languages
    Provides excellent descriptions on the state, distribution and classification of Canada's First Nations languages. Surely one of the best sites produced by the Canadian Encyclopedia - Historia.

Métis National Council

  • The Michif Language
  • Michif Language Lessons
  • Historical Online Database
  • Heritage Canada's Michif Languages Program (in English and French)
    These sites focus on a unique language in Canada, a mix of French and Cri called Michif. The language uses French words and expressions along with a grammatical structure derived partially from Cree. Michif is a Métis Nation language, and though few Métis speak it today, it remains significant as a part of Canada's historical heritage. The only type of Creole spoken in Canada (roughly 650 speakers), Michif, for linguists at least, is indeed a unique language. Sadly, the language now faces extinction as the Métis switch more and more to French, to English and to other First Nations languages.

Mi'kmaq Online

  • Mi'gmaq
    This site focuses on Micmac, and especially to lexicographic works.

The First Nations Confederacy of Cultural Education Centres

  • The Yinka Language Institute
    Highlighted on this site is the Na-Dene language, with fascinating links to agencies, archives, linguistics departments, etc.

Media Awareness Network (in English and French)

  • Media Portrayals of Aboriginal People: Introduction
    This site condemns the Aboriginal stereotypes perpetuated by the media and the movie industry. Indeed, Hollywood's traditional portrayal of native Peoples (the Indian Princess, the Great Warrior, the Noble Savage or the loyal sidekick) flies in the face of reality.

Canadian Directory of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Library Collections

Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO-SACO)

CESO is a not-for-profit organization which transfers technical and managerial expertise to Canadian Aboriginal Peoples, businesses and communities. CESO's mission is to assist Aboriginal communities and businesses of Canada to achieve greater self-sufficiency and growth. CESO's services include Business Support Services, Organizational Development, Community Economic Development, Planning and Resource Management and Governance/Leadership Workshops.


  • Speak Cree
    Profiles and explores the Cree language: lessons on grammar, usage, writing, etc