British Columbia

University of British Columbia

  • English Language Institute

    Vancouver's University of British Columbia (UBC) offers specialized training in English as a second language to speakers of other languages. It features a Student Study Centre which includes multi-media computer language labs for the latest in Computer Assisted Language Learning.

University of the Fraser Valley

  • Institute of Modern Language

    The Institute of Modern Language at UCFV realizes that the fabric of Canadian society is made up of many cultures, but has a multicultural weave. It offers courses of French, Halq'eméylem (an Amerindian language spoken by the BC Salish), Japanese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Russian and Spanish.

University of Victoria

  • English Language Centre

    The English Language Centre (ELC) at the University of Victoria is renowned for its quality programs for foreign students. Since 1970, the ELC has trained thousands of students from countries around the world, including Japan, Turkey, Columbia, Mexico, Thailand, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Korea, Argentina, Venezuela, Taiwan, Brazil, Oman and Switzerland. Teachers use state-of-the-art techniques to help students learn and communicate in real-life situations. The ELC also offers intensive English learning programs for beginners as well as courses for teachers, business English, etc.

Simon Fraser University

  • Bureau des affaires francophones et francophiles / Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs

    The OFFA is jointly funded by Canadian Heritage and the Ministry of Advanced Education. It promotes and coordinates French language postsecondary programs at Simon Fraser University. Its goal is to train more French teachers that will have a better aim at qualifying for the demand, and to offer appropriate improvement to the teachers teaching in the province.

  • Centre for Education, Law and Society

    The Centre for Education, Law and Society (CELS) was established in 1984. It aims to improve the legal literacy of children and young adults through a program of teaching, curriculum development, research, and community initiatives. The CELS works primarily with teachers, school administrators, and educational organizations. CELS is the only program in law-related education, which encompasses an understanding of law and its role in society and impact on the individual.

  • Centre for Scottish Studies

    The Centre for Scottish Studies at Simon Fraser University provides a focal point for faculty, students and members of the community interested in exploring Scottish history and culture and the impact of Scots on other cultures and nations, including in particular Canada.

  • Chinese Culture and Communication Program

    The Chinese Culture and Communication Program offers cross-cultural communication and language courses in Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese. Chinese culture courses of many different topics are also offered. In addition the program sponsors various cultural events, such as presentations, exhibition, and performances.

  • English Language and Culture Program

    The English Language and Culture Program (ELC) allows participants to improve their understanding of English, helping them improve their communication skills while gaining an understanding of Canadian culture. Participants learn to understand jokes, jargon and slang, and develop their ability to communicate their thoughts and wishes effectively. Custom programs are regularly designed and offered to international or local students from foreign universities, government agencies and high-tech industries. The program also offers English immersion courses.

  • Goethe Zentrum German Language Courses

    The Goethe-Institut was established in Germany in 1951 to promote a wider knowledge of the German language and to foster international cultural cooperation. Today, under the terms of an agreement with the German Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut is involved in a variety of activities in the field of cultural relations. The Goethe Zentrum at Simon Fraser University offers German language courses at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels in accordance with the Goethe-Institut curriculum. The Goethe Zentrum is also an authorized examination centre for the internationally recognized Goethe-Institut Zertifikat Deutsch (basic knowledge certificate) and Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung (intermediary level central examination).

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

    The International English Language Training System (IELTS), a widely recognized English language assessment test, is jointly managed by Cambridge ESOL, the British Council and IDP Education Australia (in 55 countries). Simon Fraser University is Western Canada's only IELTS Test Centre.

  • Language Learning Center (LLC)

    The Language Learning Centre (LLC) is a multi-media resource centre and computer. Its main focus is to promote, implement, and support computer-assisted language learning and teaching. More than 60 computers are available.

  • Language Training Institute

    The Language Training Institute (a Division of the Linguistics Department) promotes the acquisition of language skills and provides facilities for the support of languages including Chinese, Filipino, German, Japanese, Spanish, Ukrainian and Modern Greek. The Language Training Institute also offers a variety of programs and certificates.

  • Natural Language Laboratory

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the automatic analysis of human languages such as English, Korean, etc. by computer algorithms. Unlike artificially created programming languages where the structure and meaning of programs is easy to encode, human languages provide an interesting challenge, both in terms of its analysis and the learning of language from observations. NLP can be used for the transduction of one linguistic form to another or parsing of language into a structured form. Like other artificial intelligence sub-fields, there is the issue of what knowledge the computer needs to process human language, and how is knowledge is obtained.

Trinity Western University (TWU)

  • Canada Institute of Linguistics

    The Canada Institute of Linguistics trains linguists, translators and trainers so that all people may have access to the Bible in their own language. The Institute offers an BA in Applied Linguistics and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). It also provides the linguistic training component of the Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis program to theology students.

  • English as a Second Language International

    TWU ESLI helps students meet English requirements for admission at Trinity Western University. This program offers English as a second or third language. It prepares international students to function in the university environment and is specifically designed to maintain standards of education that ensure its graduates can immediately enter university and succeed.