Université de Saint-Boniface

  • Centre d'études franco-canadiennes de l'Ouest (CEFCO)

    The Centre d'études franco-canadiennes de l'Ouest focuses on study and research into Francophone life in Western Canada, including its history, literature, folklore, music, architecture, painting, songs, language, education, sociology, politics, communications, etc. In addition to research, CEFCO has two other specific goals: documentation and publication. It has already assembled a document collection suitable for major research projects. This material is made available to both the academic community and the general public.

  • Institut Joseph-Dubuc (Centre de ressources et de traduction de la Common Law en français)

    The Institut Joseph-Dubuc is an integral part of the Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface. It acts as a resource centre for French-speaking legal scholars in Western Canada and as a translation centre specializing in Common Law in French. Many of the Institute's activities fall under the National Program for the Integration of Both Official Languages in the Administration of Justice. Its main activities in this regard are: developing legislative models, producing documents explaining legislation, giving courses in "legal French," and organizing regular workshops for Francophone legal scholars. The Institut Joseph-Dubuc also provides technical support to the Association des juristes d'expression française du Manitoba under a service contract.

University of Manitoba

  • Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies

    The Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies, is a part of the University of Manitoba (St. Andrew's College). Its mission is to create, preserve and communicate knowledge relating to Ukrainian Canadian culture. The Centre's audience begins with those of Ukrainian Canadian heritage, but then extends to those who are interested in things Ukrainian Canadian, and ultimately extends to all the people of Manitoba, Canada and the world.

  • Department of Native Studies

    The Department of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba was established in 1975 welcomes both Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal students. It focuses on teaching and research about the First Peoples (Indians, Metis and Inuit). The Department offers an undergraduate (3 year or 4 year Advanced Major) Bachelor degree to those wishing to gain sensitivity to Aboriginal culture and languages. It is an interdisciplinary program, which borrows from the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, history and languages, including Cree and Ojibway. Further study opportunities are available in a variety of areas including women's issues, healthcare, post-colonial identities, self-government and land claims, economic development and environmental issues.